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Let-R-Rip February, 29 2020

We will be hosting the Let-R-Rip Fun Shoot on February 29. This is a high round count, paper target match.  Bring any gun you think you can engage upwards of 50 rounds per stage with.   Entry Fee will be $35. Each additional gun will be $5. Entry Fee for current GRSS members will be $20 for all guns used.  This match will consist of 5 Stages of fire.   

What you will need for this Event

Weapons needed:  Any Pistol, Rifle, or carbine dot sights and optics allowed;

 Enough magazines to shoot around 50 rounds per stage. 

Recommended round count 250-300 rounds per gun.

BIZ BANG 2020 March, 29

 This competition will pit business against business to see who comes out on top. Three person teams from each business will compete to see whose products, skills and training are the best. Non-business teams will also be able to compete in their own division.  

More details to come...

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